Streaming music player for iPhone/iPod/iPad.
Stream all Your music directly from home PC using Your home wireless network. No need to sign up at some 3rd party servers.



Wstreamer application lets You stream Your music files directly from Your PC computer. All You need is to download free "WmoteServer" application from, and You are ready to go. It is completely configuration free utility. All You have to do is install the WmoteServer application and unblock main listening port if You have firewall enabled.

Wstreamer will automatically search for all PCs at Your network and detects which of them have WmoteServer application running. Music is streamed in original format so WIFI network must be used. It will not work using 3G network because of significant data traffic. There You can choose between home WIFI network or any other WIFI hotspot.

Using remote WIFI hotspot You need to specify domain name (in case of dynamic IP You can use some free dns services) and do some basic port forwarding (default port nr. 28700) from your router to Your desired computer inside LAN.

For the advanced users it also has some useful options which can be configured on the server or client side.

Supported file types: mp3, m4a, wav*, flac*

wav and flac files are not streamed directly in their native format. Conversion to mp3 is used prior to streaming.

  • WmoteServer application (free of charge)
  • PC computer running XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • some music :)

Basic Features

  • automatic discovery of PCs running WmoteServer
  • basic playback commands (play, stop... etc)
  • basic information display (song title, position, time... etc)
  • current playlist display on the main screen
  • playlist song searching

Advanced Features

  • real time streaming (music plays almost instantly when on home WIFI network)
  • file browsing (you can browse for supported music files on Your PC inside designated root media folder)
  • file saving (you can save Your .mp3 and .m4a files locally to Your device and play them later at any time
  • saving directory tree
  • multiple client connection to WmoteServer
  • IOS multitasking fully supported, play Your music in backgroung while surfing
  • use native device playback controls while in background mode
  • selection of unique name of Your client using settings
  • manual IP and communication port selection