GOM Remote

GOM Remote is a GOM player remote controller for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It controls Your media in comfort of Your home wireless network

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GOM Remote


GOM Remote application lets You control media files on Your PC computer runing "GOM player" (for Windows) remotely. All You need is to download free "WmoteServer" aplication from http://www.ekode.com/products.php, and have It is completely configuration free utility.

All You have to do is install the WmoteServer application and unblock main listening port if You have firewall enabled. GOM Remote will automatically search for all PCs at Your network and detects which of them have WmoteServer application running.

For the advanced users it also has some useful options which can be configured on the server or client side.


GOM Remote uses default keyboard shortcuts to send commands to GOM player. For best experience please use standard english keyboard layout when running GOM player on Your PC.

  • WmoteServer application (free of charge)
  • GOM player from https://www.gomlab.com
  • PC computer runing XP/Vista/Windows 7


  • automatic discovery of PCs running WmoteServer
  • basic GOM player playback commands (play, pause, stop... etc)
  • advanced video, audio and subtitle settings
  • in-app mouse-pad for controlling open file dialogs (very useful when selecting movies and subtitles to load).
  • file browsing (you can browse for any media files on Your PC inside designated root media folder)
  • add, play, clear - playlist manipulation functions inside file browsing menu
  • mouse trackpad pointing function (control Your PC with this great function - can be used independently of GOM Player functions)
  • configurable mouse speed in iPhone Settings
  • keyboard strokes (send keyboard events to Your PC)
  • computer management functions (shutdown, restart, standby, log-off)
  • automatic computer shutdown timer (configurable time before Your PC shuts down)
  • multiple client connection to WmoteServer
  • manual IP and communication port selection in iPhone Settings